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Based in Dorset, we help people connect and grow through joy, adventure, and shared experiences in natureOur values are made up of the following ingredients:




With self, nature and others. Spending time exploring nature and the outdoors brings a great sense of connection with other people and the natural environment, as well as a deeper connection with yourself. Modern life can sometimes leave us feeling disconnected and so all of our adventures allow you to connect in a deep way, with a greater awareness of life. We dare you to leave your mobile phone at home! 



Play is at the heart of everything we do here. Children, when left to their own devices will play very well. Even animals play. But adults sometimes lose the ability to let go and have fun. We find that time in the wild, away from the pressures of home and work, can allow your inner child to come out. When we are around the fire cooking up something tasty it’s easy to bring out the kid in you! When you are in touch with the inner child, that is when you experience the most presence, and the most joy. All of our adventures invite a relaxed and safe atmosphere.



Health and wellbeing is at the core of our programmes. Our lead instructor is a fully trained, qualified and accredited psychotherapist who is passionate about bringing out the best in people. We do what we do because we love it and we want you to find your own sense of passion, adventurefreedom and joy.



Bringing a sense of presence and awareness to all of our activities allows a deeper sense of freedom and joy. Mindfulness can help bring a greater sense of fulfilment to life as well as allowing you to find stillness in the midst of great difficulty. Live in the moment!



Learning about nature also allows us to learn about ourselves. With all of our adventures you will not only learn new skills for living in the wild, you will also have the opportunity to explore your inner world. This can lead to tapping into your own strength, power, creativity, happiness and freedom, whilst immersed in nature. 



Both an outer adventure with the wild, and an inner adventure learning about your own wild side! Our adventures can be both big or small, and we will show you that it doesn’t take a lot to have an adventure. You don’t need any fancy kit, just a few basic skills and a willingness to explore!


To sum up, our philosophy is to create a better and thriving world where people feel a sense of belonging with each other and in nature. We do this through a creative and varied set of adventures designed to bring connection, fulfilment, fun, inner strength and freedom




Our Adventures

Join us on this unique wellbeing in nature retreat, hiking and wild camping. Incorporating mindfulness, nature connection and basic wilderness living, on a beautiful part of the Dorset coast. This is for you if you like spending time outdoors and wish to learn practices and skills for deepening your connection to nature, and yourself. 

Learn how to identify edible wild plants and flowers. Walking in nature can help bring us to our senses, and where better to do this than the Dorset Coast! Join us on this foraging walk connecting to nature and the great outdoors. 

Incorporating Mindfulness. A 4 week course designed to get you in touch with nature, and yourself. 


A fun, tasty and informative course that includes a leisurely stroll learning about the ingredients and how to forage them safely. Follow us through the process of making your own elderflower cordial. Includes everything you need to make this delicious drink!

Retreat from busy life on a hike in the wild, foraging for wild edible plants along the way. We will share some food and stories around the camp fire and then sleep under the stars. 


Team away days to bring you back to your senses and enhance creativity. Anything from an hour to a day, to an overnight event. We can tailor a team building event to inspire, unite and connect your team allowing them to tap into their natural creativity, which in turn will allow your business to thrive. Or just have some fun away from the office!
A free event designed to get like-minded individuals together to hike along the Dorset Coastline picking litter along the way. Whilst learning about what nature has to offer us and learning some foraging skills, and other wilderness skills, we will be helping to remove plastic and waste from the Dorset Coastline to stop it ending up in the sea.
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Reasons to get outdoors!

From physical health benefits, to mental health benefits, to building new skills, and connecting to others, there are more than 100 reasons to get out and explore the great outdoors. Have a read of this article to see why Doctors are now prescribing ‘nature!’



"The course was fantastic. Our instructor's knowledge of nature is immense!"
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